Rachel Wegrzyn is a multidisciplinary designer, in the fields of art, architecture, and design from Aotearoa New Zealand. She is currently living in London and graduated from The University of Auckland in 2018 with a Masters of Architecture (Hons).

Rachel’s work is a necessary form of art therapy, reflecting the various states of her mental health. In particular, the dark and chasmic forms of depression that she lives with and has visualised as black volcanic masses.

Her work is sculptural and atmospheric, with a heavy use of black. She manipulates wet mixed media to create emotive landscapes. She finds the process of making her works with bare hands meditative. Slow motion recordings capture the aftermath of this process, showing ink stained skin, and plaster flaking from her palms and fingers.

Her ‘Dormant’ series was created by blending plasters, ground lava stone (basalt), Japanese ink, and calligraphy paper; which is then applied to canvas in portrait format by hand. As the medium begins to dry she uses her fingers, volcanic stones, and heat to manipulate, sculpt, and texture the surface.

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Masters of Architecture (prof.) Hons. The University of Auckland. Head of School.


Bachelor of Architectural Studies. The University of Auckland

Group Exhibitions


Grounding. Depot Art Space. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Dancing with Myself. Shepperson Centre. Waiheke Island

Volcanic Series. Public Record. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Volcanic Series. Seagar Design. Otautahi Christchurch


Modos. Gus Fisher Gallery. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Simon Devitt Prize for Photography. George Fraser Gallery.  Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

AAA Visionary Awards. The University of Auckland. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland


Urban Generators. The University of Auckland. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Art Week Changing lanes - Artist Anonymous Installation. Fort Street. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Artists Anonymous Installation. Onehunga Creative Arts Festival. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Simon Devitt Prize for Photography. George Fraser Gallery.  Tamaki Makaurau Auckland


Simon Devitt Prize for Photography. Elam Projectspace Gallery. Tamaki Makaurau Auckland


City Ups - Festival of Transitional Architecture. High Street.  Otautahi Christchurch



Depot ArtSpace


Public Record

Local Project

Architecture Now. On the Rise interview.

76 Small Rooms. Podcast interview.


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